Keep track of
what’s valuable!

The Trackit T1 is a smart tracker that uses every available network out there - GSM, GPS, 2G, 3G, and Bluetooth  - to create real-time visibility on its location anywhere around the world. And it's up to you what you want to use it for.

With the Trackit T1, you can keep track of anything -  luggage, parcels, cargo and assets. Book a demo and let us show you how to track your valuables.

Trackit T1 tracker

How it does
it's magic

Real time tracking

Real time world wide tracking

Using 2G/3G, GSM, Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth

Long lasting battery

Super long lasting battery

​6 long-haul flights, several months if not used


It talks to you

Real time status notification

Automated flight mode

Automatic on/off switch

The tracker automatically switches on when it moves

Automatic flight mode

Patented automatic flight mode, compliant with all regulations

Luggage Tracking

Create an amazing customer experience and ecosystem for your customers that will increase brand loyalty while reducing the number of lost luggage claims.

Cargo &

With the Trackit T1 you will reduce losses and damages to your parcels and cargo. And with live tracking you can easily manage delays on your cargo.


No matter what type of fleet you own or manage, trucks, cars, taxis or rentals. You can get a simple overview in real-time where your fleet is located.

Airport Assets

Help ground luggage handlers to keep track of bags and save time finding lost luggage. Trackit T1 can also help you track other airport assets like wheelchairs or other internal cargo and parcels.